Chinese President Xi Jinping called on all countries today to build a world without nuclear weapons and to destroy all existing stocks in a speech at the United Nations in Geneva.

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“Nuclear weapons should be totally banned and destroyed to build a world without nuclear weapons,” in a speech to 800 people, including the new UN Secretary General, António Guterres.

In a long speech at UN headquarters in Europe, Xi Jinping also advocated a system of world governance based on equality among all nations.

“We must reject the rule of only one or several countries,” said the Chinese head of state, stressing that the great powers must respect the interests of each.

For Xi Jinping, “large countries should treat the smaller ones equally, instead of acting as hegemony, imposing their will on others,” he said.

In his speech, the Chinese President emphasized that his country is committed to building peace in the world.

On Tuesday in Davos, Switzerland, Xi Jinping had affirmed the need to rebalance globalization to make it “stronger, more inclusive and lasting.”


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