Police in Gansu, the northwestern province of China, captured an alleged serial killer, accused of having raped and murdered 11 victims, including a girl of eight, advanced state media.


Gao Cheng Yong, 52, was arrested on Friday when he was in a supermarket in the city of Baiyin, where there were nine murders.

According to the Ministry of Public Security of China, the suspect confessed to the crimes committed between 1988 and 2002 in Gansu and the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia.

Police allege that Gao victims were young girls, who wore red when they were killed, and that followed to the home, to rape and murder, describes the official China Daily.

Because of Gao’s method acting, which involved mutilating victims, the Chinese media refers to this as “Jack the Ripper” China, a reference to the serial killer not identified who acted in London in the late nineteenth century .

According to reports in the Chinese press, the news of the killings has caused a wave of panic in Baiyin, causing many women to leave to leave the house alone.

In December 2004, the local police came forward with a reward of 200,000 yuan (26,742 euros) for information leading to the capture of the killer.

“The suspect has a sexual perversion and hates women,” then said the police to trace the killer’s profile, adding that he “lives alone, is not sociable, but is patient” and had “between 33 and 40 years.”

Police eventually identify all the crimes were committed by the same person through DNA collection, fingerprints and footprints.

In March this year, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of China launched a new research, using the latest technology to re-examine the DNA and biological evidence.

The arrest came after Gao’s uncle has been placed under house arrest in Baiyin, for minor crimes and their collected and tested DNA. Police then discovered that the killer was familiar this.

The authorities then found that it was Gao who lives in Lanzhou, capital of Gansu.


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