The incidence of extreme poverty in China, the world’s second-largest economy, returned this week to be the subject of debate due to a mother killed her four children, after their minimum income been denied.

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Yang Gailian, 28, used an ax to kill the children, six, five and three years, in Gansu Province, northwest China, reported on Tuesday the Chinese press.

Woman following committed suicide by ingesting pesticide. Her husband, Li Keying also finally put an end to life, after undertaking the funeral.

They were one of the poorest couples in the village of Agushan according to the papers but was denied the allowance for the government to families with low incomes.

The Committee of the village justified the decision by pointing out that their annual income was more than 2,300 yuan (307 euros) per person.

family testimonials disseminated in the press, however, ensure that support was canceled because the couple rejected bribe local officials.

“Look now for the exuberance that was the G20,” he quipped a netizen on Sina Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, alluding to the renovation of the city of Hangzhou on the east coast of China, aiming to get the summit two days.

The work took six months and involved thousands of workers, illustrating Beijing’s efforts to promote China’s image abroad.

Another netizen responded thus: “We are a brutal society in which people eat each other.”

The Global Times newspaper, the specialist in social problems Hu Xingdou said the case “is intended to alert the public and the government that while some enjoy a good life in cities, China remains a developing country with large imbalances “.

Xiang Songzuo, chief economist at the Agricultural Bank of China, considered in its official account on social networks that the “situation accurately reflects the harsh reality of poverty in China.”

On the one hand, we have corrupt officials to divert hundreds of millions every moment and the rich who spend the thousands per day, competing to see who purchase more while on the other side are those who live in such extreme poverty that they lose the will to live, “he said.

Yang and Li and four children lived with her grandmother and father Yang in a small brick house with a dirt floor. Your “most valuable possessions were three cows and 12 chickens,” according to China Youth Daily.

Woman tilled the land, while Li was one of the millions of rural Chinese occurring to cities in search of all kinds of work.

According to the Global Times, the man had an annual salary of 7,000 yuan (934 euros), almost half sent home, to ensure the family’s survival.

Social inequality is a major source of popular discontent in the “giant” Asia, where a third of the wealth is concentrated in only 1% of the population.

The yield ‘per capita’ in Beijing or Shanghai, the most prosperous cities in the country, is ten times higher than in rural areas, where nearly half of the 1,350 million Chinese still live.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics Chinese, 70 million Chinese still live below the poverty line, set the country on an annual income of less than 2,800 yuan (374 euros).

The same source details that annual revenue ‘per capita’ of rural residents in China stood at 10,772 yuan (1,512 euros) in 2015, less than many African countries.

In the same year, China surpassed the United States in the number of billionaires.



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