China today confirmed that 21 of the 115 infected with the virus zika in Singapore are Chinese citizens, and issued a warning addressed to those who plan to travel to that city-state in Southeast Asia.


Hua Chunying, Chinese ministry spokesman of Foreign Affairs, today revealed that it was the Ministry of Health of Singapore reported that China on the situation.

“They said that 21 Chinese citizens were infected with the virus zika, so we launched a warning to travelers and we ask the population to adopt precautions on this contagious disease,” he said.

The Singapore authorities today confirmed the first case zika infection involving a pregnant woman, while local media forward than the number of infected rose to 115, provided that the first case was detected on Saturday.

Several countries, including the United States, Australia and South Korea, also issued warnings addressed to those who will travel to Singapore.

The zika is transmitted by the mosquito ‘Aedes aegypti’ and if the infection occurs during pregnancy, can cause microcephaly in the fetus.


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