Three brands of Donald Trump’s daughter, who will have exclusive rights in the Chinese market, were approved by China on the same day that Chinese President Xi Jinping dined with the Trumps in the United States.

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The Chinese government gave provisional approval to Ivanka Trump’s registration of three more Ivanka Trump brands on the very same day that the president’s daughter had dinner at the same table as Chinese President Xi Jinping. The meeting took place on April 6 in Mar-a-Lago, the day the Americans bombed an air base in Syria. Ivanka – which according to CNN already has 16 Chinese registered brands and 32 awaiting approval – is now entitled to a monopoly on the sale of jewelry, luggage and Spa services in the world’s second-largest economy.

Ivanka Trump has stepped down from her company to take on the role of counselor for her father in the White House, but continues to own the brand. Trump’s business, say lawyers cited by the Associated Press, brings an unprecedented ethical viewpoint into the history of modern American politics.

According to the AP, using government prestige to build a brand is not illegal, but the conflict of interest law prohibits federal officials – such as Ivanka Trump and her husband (Jared Kushner, who also sat at the table with Xi Jinping ) – participate in government affairs that may affect their own financial interests.

Richard Painter, a lawyer who led ethics issues during George W. Bush’s administration, advises: “They should leave business on stand by and stop creating new brands while in government.” Norman Eisen, who held the same position during the “Ivanka has many connections and interests in China, but both she and Jared appear to be involved in diplomatic contacts and policies related to China.” He adds: “For their own good, and the country, Ivanka and Jared should flee China-related issues.”

But that was not what the two of them did. Last year Ivanka’s husband was involved in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate investments in negotiations with Anbang Insurance Group, a financial group close to the Chinese state. The deal was only canceled after the media reported the case.

Ivanka Trump did not stop with the charm operations with the Chinese Government. During the Mar-a-Lago meetings, her 5-year-old daughter, Arabella, sang a Chinese song in Mandarin for President Xi Jinping.



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