The house that respects Nature

When your client asked for a house for six people, for weekends or vacations, in a nature setting near Santiago, Chile, the architecture studio GITC first thought of guaranteeing the special condition that the future owner put up Of the table: the house should not interfere with the natural beauty of the area.

Thus, the Chilean architects have transferred to the Casa El Maqui the total integration in the environment, to the point that the building contributes to the restoration of the local flora and fauna. The home accommodates six people in a luxurious setting in the El Macs Brook Nature Reserve and utilizes natural ventilation and flooded gardens so that evaporation helps to reduce the house temperature during hot summers.

“So as not to interfere with the rich forests and ecosystems, look for an already damaged and undeveloped hill to build the house there,” explained the architects. “The project should rehabilitate the area”.

The architects used reinforced cement and wood in the construction of the house. Outside, a flooded pool and garden were created, too, to increase the space and cool the breeze by the water.

The rooms were oriented to the mountain view, in a hanging pavilion, and the common areas overlook the backyard. The interiors have lots of light and are cozy, with uneven walls and the warm wood and stone. Finally, the house was positioned to take advantage of the drafts, in order to facilitate the cooling of the house.


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