Five women, mothers of children killed 12 years ago during a hostage-taking at a school in the Ossetian town of Beslan, they were arrested today for protests against President Vladimir Putin during a Mass on the anniversary of the killing.

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Police also detained two journalists, including a reporter opponent of ‘Novaya Gazeta’.

Thus began the initiative in memory of the 318 hostages dead, including 186 children, five women retired clothing and left the white sweaters view you could read “Putin, executioner of Beslan.”

security officers present at the Mass celebrated in the school building, now abandoned, where the tragedy occurred, cornered women in a corner of the same school gym where their children were murdered on September 3, 2014, two days after a Chechen command has hijacked the building during a controversial rescue operation.

When the five women leave the building were arrested by the police with extreme hardness, as demonstrated by some images released by the “Novaya Gazeta” on your website.

During the controversial operation of Russian special forces to rescue the hostages, kidnapped on the first day of school classes in the small town of North Ossetia in the North Caucasus, one of those women, Emma Betrozova, lost her husband and two children, 14 and 16 years.

Other two of the detained, Janna Tsirijova and Svetlana Marguiyeva were themselves hostages and saw the daughters died during the rescue operation.

Emilia BAZAROVA lost nine-year-old son and the last one held,  Kesayeva, had his daughter kidnapped.

These five women, like other victims of the tragedy, blame Putin for ordering the rescue operation, despite being aware that this had plenty to pay off with the death of hundreds of innocent people, as eventually happened.

Before being arrested and sentenced to pay symbolic fines of 500 rubles (less than 10 euros) for “disobedience to law enforcement,” the mother demanded an investigation of the killing, as they consider a sham the research conducted so far.

They recalled that during the rescue operation, the Russian special firças fired indiscriminately, including with tanks and flamethrowers against the school when all the hostages were inside.

Twelve years after the tragedy, Putin continues to be accused of having decided to launch the operation instead of negotiating the departure of the Russian Army in the breakaway Chechnya, as intended by the kidnappers to save the lives of the hostages.

In 2006, a parliamentary commission exonerated the Russian authorities of any responsibility for what happened in Beslan, in concluding that “the cause of the explosion was the work of terrorists,” who activated the explosives in the gym.

However, an alternative report submitted by deputy Yuri Saveliev, pointed out that a large number of hostages died as a result of the explosions of bullets fired by security forces, while another hundred died after being caught in a crossfire as he tried to flee the school.



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