Cave Paintings of 14,500 years old



“It is a wonder, a treasure of humanity”: thus describes the discovery of cave paintings created about 14,500 years ago in a cave in the small town of Lequeitio in Spain.

Among the designs found now can see the image of a horse, with about a meter and a half long, and with a huge panel of 15 meters, which includes 25 pictures of various animals, including lions and bison.

The amazing discovery was announced by Unai Rementeria, local MP, who revealed that the cave was already being studied since May.


The cave in question was known to the local population, but so far no one had ventured to advance by more than 50 meters deep in this cave, where this rarity was hiding.

The news is being widely disseminated by the Spanish media, the case of El Mundo, which advances that are several “elements that make this cave unique in all of Spain.”

The cave is not open to the public, due to difficult access conditions and for future preservation of these rare petroglyphs.

However, the authorities submit that will use new technologies to showcase these new findings to the public.


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