The surfer cat

Kuli cat has only one eye, but he does not feel inferior to surfing in Hawaii. In fact, Kuli is accustomed to surfing: he has been practicing sport since the age of four months, when he was rescued by Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton, his owners.

According to Gomez and Littleton, Kuli loves the water because of the many baths he took up to four months, following the injury that would eventually cause the removal of his eye. Now the cat has become a fan of the sport, to the point of hiding in the bag used by Alexandra and Krista to surf – even if the couple is leaving for the cafe or restaurant.

“Kuli started his surf training at four months after eye surgery and was only six months old when he learned to surf. The first time I went to the water I left it on the board alone, at the foot of the sand, and I rowed next to it. Before we knew it, I was already looking for waves to surf, “Alexandra Gomez told Mail Online.

In a first phase, Kuli surfed on a long board. But it’s on the smaller board, boogie board, that he feels more comfortable because he can easily grab hold of his claws. “We bought him a surfboard,” Alexandra concluded.


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