As with food, in physical activity too, the secret lies in balance with variety. If it’s those people who only do cardiovascular training, we have bad news for you.

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One run a day does not hurt anyone, in fact, it only does well. But one run a day with no other type of physical exercise allied may no longer be so beneficial.

Cardiovascular workouts are fundamental to good physical and mental health – they literally benefit the body from head to toe – yet they should never be an exclusive practice, let alone when physical activity is part of daily routine.

The best (and safest) way to take advantage of all the benefits associated with cardiovascular training, such as running and cycling, is by alternating it with strength training, which proves to be increasingly effective not only at gaining Strength, as well as physical and respiratory resistance.

But why should we always combine (or alternate) cardiovascular training and strength training? Because cardio, when done in isolation, can be damaging to health in five different ways.

As The Health Site shows, doing only cardiovascular exercise causes you to lose muscle, something that in the long run can bring health consequences, since cardio always needs a muscle boost, which is achieved through strength training. But this is not the only consequence. The publication says that doing the cardiovascular training the only type of exercise practiced makes you more sore, since this type of training done repeatedly requires a recovery time.

But doing only cardio can further increase the risk of injury, especially when the race is concerned because of the impact it has on the feet, ankles and knees. And speaking of the knees, it is possible that these become a real headache, since they are the part of the body that suffers most from the impact and the one that is most easily at the mercy of the lack of stimulation and muscular gain (achieved With squats, for example).

While it’s one of the best ways to say goodbye to extra pounds in a short time, cardiovascular training can easily go down as the body gets used to the routine and becomes lazier at the time of burning fat and calories , Says the website. In addition, there are exercises as or more effective than running at the time of burning calories.

If you are adept at running and have not done any weight training, find out why runners should do more strength training.

As with food, in physical activity too, the secret lies in balance with variety. Do you accept the challenge?



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