Lamp made of waste

Headquartered in the UK, Green Spirit Creation is bringing creativity into the world of reuse by creating cardboard lighting solutions. Through materials discarded by local shopkeepers, Green Spirit Creations lamps are 100% made from recycled cardboard.

These products follow in the footsteps of other cardboard lamps, and help to bring the unconventional use of cardboard back into fashion.

This idea arose from a desire to create environmentally friendly products. Looking at the large amount of cardboard that was thrown away by the stores, Green Spirit found an opportunity not only to recycle materials, but also to minimize the waste of transport and recycling.

The company developed two models of cardboard lamps: the Golden Cube which, as its name suggests, is a cube-shaped lamp made of cardboard cut into labyrinthine patterns and with a 100% recyclable plastic wrap that covers the entire lamp ; And the lamps in the form of a typical table lamp, made from cardboard boxes recovered from local shops.


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