On Tuesday, Americans choose more than just the next occupant of the White House

A store with various products with marijuana in California | REUTERS / MARIO ANZUONI
A store with various products with marijuana in California | REUTERS / MARIO ANZUONI

Attention may be concentrated in the race to the White House, but on November 8, the US will find on the ballot other issues that may be more relevant to their day-to-day.

Since the increase (and decrease) in the minimum wage, to the legalization of marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, through the prohibition of the death penalty, the introduction of a carbon tax or to the mandatory use of condoms in porn movies.

In total there are 162 proposals for legislation will be voted by the voters (including 71 that were proposed through petitions) and can affect the lives of 205 million people, according to the calculations of Ballotpedia (online encyclopedia of American politics).

The legalization of marijuana is the theme that will appear more often – a total of nine states. But in four (Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota) is still being given the last first for the legalization of the substance for medicinal purposes – if voters of either say yes, then it means that it will be legal in most half of US states. Other five states (Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada) the issue is the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Five states will decide on the minimum wage – which does not change at the federal level for seven years, staying in $ 7.25. Voters in Arizona, Colorado and Maine will decide if they want to increase to $ 12 by 2020, while in Washington may climb to 13.50. Already in South Dakota, the proposal is to reduce the minimum wage for workers under 18 years of $ 8.50 to 7.50.

The number of states prohibiting the death penalty can rise to 21 (it is also illegal in the District of Columbia), if voters in California and Nebraska decide to support this initiative. In Oklahoma, on the contrary, they vote to put the death penalty in the state Constitution.

In Colorado, the death also goes to vote, but in this case to allow the introduction of legislation to “die with dignity”, which allows the death assisted by a doctor in the case of terminally ill patients.

In Washington, voters may authorize a carbon tax that requires businesses to pay for the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Interestingly, environmentalists are against – because of the fate that will be given to money raised: tax cuts for businesses affected by the carbon tax, rather than, for example, use it in alternative energy.

In relation to arms control, Maine and Nevada are introducing mandatory background check before buying weapons. California, Colorado, North Dakota and Missouri, buy tobacco may become more expensive if the measures to increase the rates are approved. Also in California, voters decide on the mandatory use of condoms by the porn industry – you can take it to flee the state.


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