Paradise may very well be here

The scenery seems to be taken from any Photoshop-made composition, but it is the purest of truths. Cappadocia, Turkey, deserves without a doubt all the compliments we can give to the immense natural beauty of this special place.

The images taken by the photographer Kristina Makeeva mirror a land where the colors are more vivid and the smells stronger, and where the natural beauty seems to have not yet been pinched by unbridled development.

The images of this artist gain even more color when the landscape is painted with the tones and colors of dozens of hot balloons hovering in the skies of this land blessed by nature.

Breathtaking landscapes, which at times do not impel you to put all your daily responsibilities and tasks through the window and catch, without further delay, the next plane that will take us to this paradise on Earth. Splendid images to watch with calm and dream!



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