Victims of evil ‘jokes‘ can develop cases of depression and post-traumatic stress.

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A study from the University of Illinois, US, concluded that suffer bullying can be as traumatic as suffering sexual abuse.

The researchers questioned 480 college students about traumatic experiences they had lived from birth to 17 years – including bullying, cyberbullying, domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Respondents had to say, too, if they had, in the present, anxiety attacks, depression and post-traumatic stress.

The group of people who said they had been diagnosed with psychological problems in the present, most had suffered bullying in childhood.

Among those who had depression, for example, 19% was subject to evil ‘jokes‘ when they were children. The rate drops to 0.2% and 0.5% in cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse, respectively.

According to information from Superinteressante magazine, the study found that participants who had suffered persistent provocations in the early stages of life developed more mental illnesses linked to traumatic experiences than all others, including those who had just passed by different bullying abuse.


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