British intelligence services will have intercepted “suspicious” conversations between members of Trump’s campaign and secret Russian agents before the election. FBI “was sleeping.”

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Donald Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin has deteriorated in recent weeks. Especially after the United States attack on the Syrian regime. It was the Russian president himself who took it on Wednesday in an interview with MIT TV: “It can be said that trust in work and, especially, the military level has not improved. On the contrary. ”

But there were times when the relationship between them was particularly close. It is now the Guardian who writes Thursday (quoting anonymous sources close to the Government Communications Headquarters) about Trump’s relationship with Moscow and alleged Russian interference in the US electoral process.

According to the British newspaper, the contacts between prominent members of the Trump campaign and the secret Russian began in mid-2015. Six months later, in the summer of the following year, and after intercepting part of the contacts they would consider “suspicious” and “sensitive” “Was the then director of GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, who shared this material with CIA counterpart John Brennan.

It would not have been, however, only the British secrets to put the men close to Trump under close scrutiny. Also, the secrets of Germany, Estonia, Poland or Australia have done so and, like the British contacted the FBI.

However, contrary to what Kellyanne Conway once said, counselor to the United States President and former campaign chief to Donald Trump, he was never heard by the FBI at Obama’s request – Kellyanne even spoke of hidden microwave tapping . And even the eavesdropping of the British secrets, the Guardian explains, were not initially addressed to Trump but to some members of the Russian secret, with the interception of these conversations being “by chance” collected in a “routine vigilance” of Russia.

A source at the British Secret Service explained to the Guardian that even after the exchange of information between the GCHQ and the FBI, the secret US was slow to act. “They were not trained to do so [analyze the private communication of US citizens without a court order]. It’s as if the secret [Americans] were asleep. European agencies said: there are contacts between people close to Trump and the secret Russian, be careful, there is something wrong here. ”

In response to the Guardian’s news, the GCHQ spokesman simply said: “It’s a long-standing policy that we do not discuss intelligence matters.”

But the wiretaps that raise suspicions about Trump’s relationship with Moscow are not new. It was speculated after his arrival in the White House that Donald Trump was not even being a victim of “kompromat”, that is, of blackmail on the part of Putin and the secret Russian.

And all because two British former spies (who are now working as private sector consultants at the London-based Orbis Business Intelligence) presented a report on the US president’s ties to Russia. The report, according to which Moscow conspired for years to establish relations with Trump, was classified by the American president as “an imposture” and “false information.”

The report was handed over to US intelligence services last year.




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