Recycled bridge


The architecture studio Ro-Ad has designed a floating and highly sustainable bridge in Ravelijn, Netherlands – The bridge connects visitors and tourists to the homonymous island fortress. The bridge takes another approach to the architecture since it floats.


The infrastructure is another way than a real bridge – she recovers, by the way, the old path taken by boats when the fort was active. The aim, of course, is the same: to bring people to the fortress, elegant and integrated into the landscape, and emergency exit serve to connect to the city.


The bridge has a structure in accoya, a wood treated and modified which is ideal for outdoor use and applications that require durability. It is resistant to fungal decay, as well as the effects of swelling and shrinking due to contact with water.


According to the architect of the project, Ad Kil, the bridge was designed to be easily dismantled and recycled. On the other hand, should not require extensive maintenance. If necessary, however, it is easily done.


With 80 meters in size, Ravelijn bridge took three months to be built and should last about 25 years.


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