Energy from waste


There are about 8000 tons of municipal and industrial waste arriving daily to the Central Treatment and Environmental Improvement in the city of Caieiras in Sao Paulo.

And it is from this garbage that Termoverde Caieiras, greater thermoelectric moved the landfill biogas Brazil, produces energy.

Thus, it is avoided that methane – one of the gases responsible for greenhouse – to be released to the atmosphere and, instead, used for sustainable energy production.

With a factory of 15,000 square meters and an installed capacity of 29.5 megawatts, this thermal power is able to supply a city with 200,000 inhabitants.

And the numbers do not stop there: according to ABRELPE (Brazilian Association of Public Cleaning Companies and Special Waste), Brazil has the potential to generate 1.3GW of electricity from municipal waste, which is equivalent to an additional supply of 932,000 MWh / month, enough – imagine! – To power 6 million homes.


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