The Norwegian Airlines took the separation of the year to make a controversial ad.

Norwegian Airlines
© Norwegian Airlines

Separation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will certainly be one of the most talked topics of the year, but there was, however, who take advantage of the issue to grow his business.

This was the case of Norwegian Airlines, which created a simple ad with the slogan ‘Brad is Single’. The aim is obvious: to persuade the female audience to buy cheapest flights to Los Angeles, where the actor lives.

This marketing¬†idea is still divided opinions. Once the image began circulating on social networks and forums, there were those who thought a “brilliant” idea, but there were also those who said that, despite being a good idea, was applied “too early.”

It should be noted also that this announcement was not only local. In addition to ensuring links between Oslo and Los Angeles, the airline bet in play in different countries, ensuring low-cost travel from destinations such as Copenhagen (Denmark), Edinburgh (Scotland), New York and Barcelona (Spain).


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