The man did not pass from an online creation.

© Instagram borisbork
© Instagram borisbork 

Also followed the Instagram page Boris Bork, you will probably be disappointed when they find out that it was all a lie. That is: Boris is a real man, but all the wealth that made a point of displaying online, was false.

Driving high-end cars, eat at fancy restaurants and was often seen accompanied by charming women. A luxury life documented on Instagram and which attracted more than 17,000 followers.

Boris is actually the creation of two friends who decided to prove that no one needs a lot of money to be a sensation in the world of internet.

According to the BBC, the Roman Zaripov marketing consultant, with 23 years, said that the idea came after he and a friend had read an article about the supposed cost of creating a star on social networks.

Insurance who could do it at a very low cost, searching for “grandfathers” who could pass for millionaires until they found Boris Kudryashov, a man already pensioner. For weeks photographed Boris, who normally lives with about 180 euros per month.


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