BMW MotorRad

The BMW Motorrad Concept Link is also not a motorcycle. And much less a chopper. It is not even a scooter, but a different vehicle with a new concept of design, thought from the root to take the whole departure of the new technologies and the electric motorization. We would even say that it goes as far as opening a new segment, the Electric Mobility Vehicle EMVs.

BMW Motorrad design director Edgar Heinrich is even more ambitious, stating “More than a concept vehicle, it is a symbol of a new era!” And then explains: “Concept Link represents a new perception of urban mobility, Linking the digital world to the analogue, serving at the same time as means of transport and means of communication, always focusing on the specific needs of the driver ”

Link is not yet a production vehicle, but unlike so many other concepts far ahead of its time, the technology it sports – and that is a lot – is all available now, so if it decides, BMW could start production tomorrow.

Concept Link has the electric motor installed next to the rear wheel, with the flat power cells accommodated at the bottom of the frame. This allowed the creation of this new aesthetic line, which also facilitates access to the driver and the passenger, also because the seat is longitudinally adjustable.

It also allows for new storage options such as space under the seat accessible through a side sliding door (even in progress). The most important information is projected directly on a front screen, which is right in the center of the driver’s field of vision, much like the head-up display on cars. The lower panel, a large screen located below the handlebar, allows the rest of the interactions, such as controlling the infotainment system and communication. This screen is tactile, but a set of several programmable knobs on the handles allow you to control the main functions without having to take your hands off the handlebar.

“We all know that electric mobility will arrive,” says Edgar Heinrich, “we still do not know well when and how, but it will certainly arrive and will start in the urban areas first. It seems to me that many of the typical motorcyclists, as well as most of the designers, are still somewhat disinterested in the subject, I think because they think these products are not very cool. On the contrary, it is a theme that BMW must develop and take on as a leader. We feel that there is still that spark that will really trigger the electric mobility. That’s what we’re doing. ”


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