The beauty of the Blue Well

The caves with crystalline water wells are some of the main attractions of Chapada Diamantina National Park, a region of mountains located in the center of the state of Bahia, Brazil.

The site, also known as the Blue Well, is so beautiful that the combination of transparency and the blue reflection of water creates a natural phenomenon that makes it all the more fascinating. During autumn and winter, due to the position of the sun, the sun’s rays enter the cave and cross the wells, forming a beam of turquoise light that enhances its color and almost makes the water disappear.

Thus, although the wells are between 20 and 60 meters deep, it is possible to see clearly everything that is in its bottom – from stones to trunks of water. “Despite the unique phenomenon promoted by the light beam, the beauty of the wells is not determined by them,” explains Ismael Júnior, tour guide of the Blue Well.

Thus, between November and January, in the Poço Azul, the solar incidence does not occur directly in the water, but is larger and lasts longer, from 10h to 16h, contributing to the visibility in the dive. The average temperature of the water also does not change during the course of the year, remaining at 24 degrees.

Rainy or cloudy days are the only possibilities to frustrate the visitor. However, this should not be a major problem: these natural attractions are located in semi-arid regions, where the sun appears almost throughout the year.

For biologist Roy Funch, one of the founders of the Chapada Diamantina National Park, the bluish tone of the water is due basically to the same reason that the sky is blue. “The visible light that comes from the sun is composed of all colors and, when encountering the atmosphere, it passes directly, while the blue light hits the molecules of nitrogen and oxygen and is reflected in all directions,” he explains.

The best time to see the lightning is from February 8 to October 20, between 12:30 and 14:00. See some of the photos of the phenomenon, which was retracted by Márcio Duranc.


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