A porch inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy

The Penda design collective has created the Blossom Gate, an entrance porch with dramatic architecture for a flower garden in the Chinese city of Xiangyang. Inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy, the conceptual porch is formed by overlapping layers of dry and curved bamboo in the form of brush strokes.

Winner of a design competition in 2013, the Blossom Gate challenges the traditional notion of gantry as a physical division and reinvents the concept as something of social connection and joining. Like many other works of the atelier, this porch celebrates the use of bamboo as a building material, using the internal frame and the facade.

Blossom Gate is located at the entrance to the largest flower garden of myrtle city of Xiangyang. Underneath the portico there are benches and stairs, which create a new social space.

Viewed as a major architectural landmark of the city, architects have proposed a variety of recreational activities that the Blossom Gate can host, such as weekend markets, outdoor movie sessions and concerts.



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