The boy exchanged a present for the support of the Louisiana population.

© Facebook Lanie LeJeune Boutte

Carson Boutte has only nine and a huge desire to help those most in need. Your birthday is approaching, and when asked what he wanted for years, the boy said he wanted to help the families victims of floods in Louisiana.

Although the area where he lives have not have been affected, the child spoke with her aunt through FaceTime and saw the catastrophe in which that area of the country was.

The boy’s sensitivity surprised the parents who eventually access his will. “We told him that we had planned to spend $ 100 on their present and they serve to deliver food to flood victims”, they explained in statements to the Daily Advertiser.

The mother turned out to publicize the initiative in social networks, which became viral and led to an increase in the wave of solidarity. A local pizzeria Dominos decided to offer 100 pizzas.

So last Sunday, Carson was delivered door to door, an incentive to people who suffered from the natural disaster.

After the promise fulfilled, the mother issued a boy video just to say “I fulfilled my wish,” where you see the joy of Carson.


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