Vanmoof not only makes extremely beautiful bicycles, in normal and electric version. It also ensures that these will not be stolen.

If they are, the company goes after them. But in case this return does not happen, give new bicycles to your customers. It’s all part of a program called “Peace of Mind Guarantee”. A guarantee of peace of mind that, let’s face it, makes everything less stressful.

Bicycles should and will play a growing role in urban mobility. Unfortunately, too, they are a prime target for thieves, who operate in every city in the world.

This Dutch company, which claims to have created the world’s “first smart bike”, incorporates a number of thieves-tested technologies: anti-theft bolts and nuts to protect the most assaulted parts, intelligent integrated padlock that works with the mobile phone , And a GSM locator and Bluetooth, so that even if it is stolen, it is easy to recover. The brand also has teams – based in Amsterdam, Paris and New York – in charge of these recoveries. Go after your bike wherever you find it in the world.


It is these teams who throughout their work have become aware of some patterns and trends that were emerging in bicycle theft. They are usually able to locate the bicycle in the same city, but sometimes they disappear longer, later appearing in countries such as Algeria or Morocco, where they are transported by organized crime groups. And now they are working with police authorities to inform them of these trends so that they can fight more effectively against this illegal bicycle trade. Not only of Vanmoof, but of all brands.


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