Art with tires


Thomas Yang is an artist based in Singapore which creates unique works of art using bicycle tires. Monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge or the Empire State Building were created through meticulous placement of the tires on a white screen.

“The idea came when I was toying with the idea of how to paint using a bicycle.


The tires were the first party that came to mind. Later, I explored the characteristics of each tire pattern and came to the conclusion that it could possibly paint some known buildings, “said Yang.

Thomas Yang, true bike enthusiast, created four different paintings: “The Cyclist’s Empire” (Empire State Building), “God Save the Bike” (Tower Bridge), “Bycicle Mon Amour” (Eiffel Tower) and “The Unforbidden Cyclist” (Prohibited city). From each original were produced 100 copies which were quickly sold.


“The process of creation is actually quite difficult. For each of the works took at least 40 trials, “explains the artist, who chose only buildings of cities with some culture attached to bicycles.


For the creation of the four works took 20 tires and each copy comes with a special description related to bicycles and a number of editing.


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