This is a futuristic project!

Vincent Callebaut is not an architect at all. The Belgian professional and creative has designed various infrastructure linked to ecology and sustainability, but the Aequorea project will probably be the most daring ever.

The futurist believes he has designed the first underwater skyscrapers, capable of receiving up to 20,000 people. These “skyscrapers” are self-sufficient and eventually be a viable place for humans to live, but also help reduce the carbon footprint of the planet.

Eco-sustainable structures do not use fossil fuels and produce their own energy and heat. Each skyscraper is a gelatinous structure – the entrance is made to the surface and the structure spirals up to 1,000 meters deep.

Within the underwater structures can be found residential housing, offices, scientific laboratories, areas for agriculture and fish farming and gardens.

Drinking water is produced by a plant that uses depth pressure to counterbalance the osmotic pressure and separates the water from the salt. The air is naturally renewed through the wind chimneys that can be found in the tower or by oxygen stations. Food can also be found from coral reefs and fishing areas.

With 500 meters in diameter and 250 floors, these eco-villas can be built in any ocean, priced at € 1,950 per square meter.


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