The jewels of the Mediterranean

Every year thousands of tourists go to the beaches of the Mediterranean, namely the Algarve, which are among the most sought after. But for those who want to avoid confusion and seek quiet there are more demure beaches, much more in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The Ionian Islands in Greece offer some of the most beautiful and peaceful, while the Albanian Riviera is a lost little paradise, which is still mixed with the influence of Greek culture. Meet here some more beautiful and unknown beaches of the Mediterranean Sea that the Daily Mail shared.

Egremni – Lefkada, Greece- The crystal blue water is really true. And no, it is not in the Caribbean, but in Lefkada Island, Greece. Of all the beaches we present to you this is the best known, despite its remote location. The only access to the beach, since the road that led there was closed several years ago, is done through a stairway of 347 steps, on a 150 meter high escarpment. The effort is well worth it.

Cala Mitjaneta – Menorca, Spain– A small, calm and calm beach, located on the south coast near Cala Galdana. In addition to the picturesque landscape, the beach is sought after by those who enjoy swimming in open water and practicing apnea.

Navagio Beach – Zakynthos, Greece – Also known as Wreck Beach, it is a secluded beach between cliffs on the Zakynthos coast, on the Ionian Islands. Access is only by boat. This is the place where he was stranded, in 183, the Panagiotis, who was smuggling tobacco.

Elafonissi Beach – Crete, Greece– It is a small beach, on a small island, known for its white sand and being separated from the coast by a small lagoon that is no more than one meter deep.

Monterosso Beach – Cinque Terre, Italy– It is the only beach in the small town of Monterosso el Mare, on the Italian Riviera. This small locality is one of five that compose Cinque Terre.

Himara Beach – Himara, Albania– It is one of the treasures of Albania, located in a region where sandy beaches, olive trees and citrus trees abound, as well as fantastic Byzantine architecture and Greek influence.

Spiaggia Rosa – Sardinia, Italy – Located on the small island of Budelli, this beach is known for its pink sand, which contains microscopic fragments of coral, cones and granite. Tourist access to the beach is prohibited, as the beach is located in a protected area, and can only be admired by boat.

Baska Voda Beach – Baska Voda, Croatia– Located on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, Baska Voda is one of the most visited and beautiful beaches in the country. The small town has a population of 2,000 inhabitants and a baroque architecture that embraces the beach.

Turquoise Coast – Patara, Turkey– It is the southernmost coast of the country on the Turkish Riviera. Its name derives from the tonalities of sea water in this region. Small secular villages dot the slopes through the forest. Undeveloped area and ideal for looking for a quiet holiday.

Cabo da Gata – Andalusia, Spain– Set in the Natural Park of Andalusia in Spain, the Cabo de Gata beach is located in the largest Spanish coastal protected area. This means that the area is embedded in an isolated son of primitive beauty. In addition, it is in the only European zone that has a desert climate.


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