The jellyfish of Catalunya

During the day, Jordi Benitez Castells works in a banking institution, surrounded by numbers and papers. But in his spare time, this Spanish amateur photographer takes his camera and dives on the Catalonian coast in search of jellyfish and other inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the series of photographs we share here, Castells, plunged up to three meters deep to gather evidence of the beauty of the jellyfish. “There is a lot of beauty underwater and I discovered that the jellyfish are amazing to photograph. I want to show an unknown reality of most people and, with a little luck, help citizens to respect the oceans and the beings that inhabit it, “he told Mail Online.

According to Castells, photographing a jellyfish is not complicated: just dip three meters and choose the best place. “We must be careful not to be bitten: we must wear diving suits, hats, gloves and minimize risk. But it’s always good to keep an eye on what’s around us, “he said.


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