US President Barack Obama today called for the reconciliation of all Americans and urged them to “love their neighbors as themselves,” in a message intended to honor war veterans.

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In his weekly White House speech, Obama pointed to ex-combatants as an example of unity before the divisions that sometimes erupt in the country’s politics.

“This weekend, as we look for ways to resolve our differences, let’s look at the more important principles of politics,” he said, a day after Veterans Day, designed to honor veterans of the United States.

The President described the army as “a united team, in which some take care of others” and also as “one of the most diverse institutions”, representative of all corners of the country, with immigrants, US-born soldiers, Christians, Muslims , Jews and atheists.

Without referring to the election as new President of Republican Donald Trump or protest demonstrations against his election, Democrat Obama appealed to the values of solidarity and patriotism of the American citizens.

Donald Trump won the US presidential election on Tuesday, collecting 279 electoral mandates against Hillary Clinton’s 228.



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