A noble gesture by seven men who enjoy a bachelor party.

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Mitchel Craddock, who lives in Michigan, traveled with his father and five friends to Tennessee for five days of fun in the single mode before to tie the knot with the bride.

The seven men group rented a cabin in the woods and spent the days between conversation, beer and bacon. However, everything changed when a dog appeared at the cabin door seduced by the smell of fried bacon.

Account ABC News that the group of men fed the dog, having been aware that she was producing milk. They decided to follow her when she went away and eventually found seven puppies in a kind of play.

“When we removed the hole noticed something that could not stop there and we started to think of where we could take,” says Mitchel Craddock ABC.

After long thought, the seven men then decided to adopt the seven dogs and the dog and the money they would spend on more beer was used to buy feed for the animals.

In return the baggage Michigan men carry the dogs, each group member took a dog. The dog, whom they named Annie, was with the groom’s parents.




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