Back to the past of construction

Steffen Welsch Architects’ first project linked to the principles of sustainable design, Rammed Earth House, took place in a beautiful house made of mud that generates all the energy it consumes and captures its own water. Located in northeastern Victoria, Australia, the house is geared towards passive solar design, highlighting cross ventilation and earth walls. These features, when combined with prefabricated elements, made the construction easier and faster.

The house is in a remote location, without access to energy and water supply. To minimize “damage” at the construction site, a prefabricated roof was chosen – this option also allowed the absence of large columns to hold it.

With a simple and compact design, the house includes a tank that can store 110,000 liters of water, enough for an uncomplicated day-to-day life. A photovoltaic solar installation, on the other hand, guarantees all energy needs – the earth walls eliminate the need for air conditioning in summer – in the winter, the same walls make it possible to connect a single heater.


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