Aquarium fish that become monsters

The rivers of Western Australia are being damaged by citizens who pour their aquarium fish into the toilet, creating a disruptive situation for the site’s biodiversity and giving rise to true sea monsters, warns the Center for Fish and Fisheries Research at Murdoch University.

According to the researchers, these fish are usually larger than the river and compete for the same food and habitat. Thus, they end up eating the already existing, and weaker, fish, and increase the weight and size of misshapen form.

According to David Morgan, researcher, there are goldfish growing from 100 grams to two kilos and have already seen koi carp with eight kilos.

“Many of these fish are much larger than native fish, so they eat and compete for habitat. Our native fish are less than 10 centimeters long, “Morgan explained.

In addition to creating sea monsters that jeopardize the survival of various species, introduced species can bring exotic parasites and diseases. “In Perth we noticed several parasites – one of them is quite harmful to native fish and was probably introduced by the goldfish,” he continued.

Research by David Morgan and Stephen Beatty found that at least 13 species were introduced in the Australian Southwest. All of them will have been sent by the toilet below. “Many people are unaware [of the impact of these actions] and are unaware of the harm of sending an aquarium fish to the ecosystem,” Morgan concluded.




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