An auction company on the Internet will put to auction a meteorite about 1.5 kg with a similar composition to the samples brought back from the moon by the Apollo missions 14 and 16.

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The piece, which the auction house estimates can be auctioned by values of around 8000 euros and is part of a set of 80 lots of a “special action” with 192 meteorites found on the plateau of Dar al Gani, in the Libyan desert in 1988 and was subsequently analyzed by an institution linked to NASA, which confirmed the similarities to the samples brought back from the moon.

The meteorite has a “crust” partial in brown tones and an interior with gray variations. “Their loopholes and fine structure show that the object is part of an older meteorite originating from the moon,” said the auctioneer Catawiki in a statement.

Another auction object is a meteorite shergottite with presumed origin of Mars, found in 2014 in Tindouf desert in Algeria. With only 500 grams and 1.80 x 1.20 cm, the auction house estimated to be auctioned for 750 euros.


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