Police officers in New York want the president-elect to be alert to the situation.

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Aml Elsokay is a Muslim agent who joins the New York police in the United States.

In 2014, she was distinguished by the mayor of the city for his service, after having rescued a baby from a fire. Earlier this month, however, the name of Aml Elsokay was news of the insults he was targeted.

Christopher Nelson, a 36-year-old man, would eventually be arrested on suspicion of hate crime. He was the man who told the officer that he would cut his throat and that she was a member of the Islamic State.

Now, after a long and tense election campaign, several New York Muslim police agents called for a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, Yahoo News reports.

In a letter sent to Donald Trump, these agents also highlight the 115% increase in hate crimes since election day on 8 November.

In a recent speech in Florida, US President Barack Obama emphasized: “If we stigmatize good and patriotic Muslims, this only fuels the terrorists’ argument.”


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