Of the attack in early afternoon in central London, four people were killed, police said.

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Four people died this afternoon in the attack in London, UK. The death toll was confirmed a few moments ago by the Metropolitan Police.

Among the dead, the author of the attack was found, which was eventually shaken by the police. A woman lost her life after being hit by an accident and an officer could not resist her injuries after being stabbed by the suspect.

To the four dead, are added 20 wounded, a number also confirmed by the same police source, who admits that the attack was perpetrated only by an attacker, already shot down.

According to The Independent, three policemen were injured in what is being treated as a terrorist attack.

The attack began around 14:40 as a vehicle hit several pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge promenade, adjacent to the British Parliament.

A witness quoted by Sky News reported that the driver struck pedestrians and collided with a railing next to Parliament, then ran through the gates and attacked a policeman with a knife. The suspect was then shot by the police.

Hundreds of people who had been detained in London’s parliament due to the attack abroad were already transferred to Westminster Abbey, according to Efe’s journalist Paula Baena Velasco, who is in the group.

“We are 300 or 400 people and at the moment we do not know when we can get out,” he said after spending more than an hour inside the parliament.


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