The good of the hives

For over a decade, several studies indicate that bees are a species in decline. It is known the role of the animal as a pollinator, as is generally known that the impact man-made chemicals such as neonicotinoids are causing the collapse of hives throughout the world.


The situation of these animals is not auspicious, but in recent years we have witnessed a growing interest in urban beekeeping small scale and the use of new technologies to increase the bee populations.


Also, artists are contributing to greater awareness of the situation of bees, as is the case with Matt Willey.


artist and founder of The Good initiative of the Hive, Matt undertook to paint more than 50,000 bees on the walls all over the world as a way of warning, but also as a celebration of this animal fantastic.


And this number was not chosen at random. 50,000 bees are the number Willey believes it necessary to maintain a healthy hive.


So far, Willey already painted a thousand bees on several walls of the US, Florida, Seattle and Durham, North Carolina, and is committed to proceeding with its unusual initiative, an effort by the continuity of this animal.

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