The statue of the “girl without fear” was placed in New York on Women’s Day in March, just in front of the bull statue. But the Wall Street bull artist is not happy.

The author of the bull statue states that the girl is just an “advertising trick”
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Arturo Di Modica is the artist responsible for the bronze statue of the giant bull, which symbolizes the bull market, which is based on the New York Stock Exchange.

On March 8, in celebration of Women’s Day, another statue was placed right in front of her: the “girl without fear”, which became so popular that it will stay there for another year. But the artist of the first statue now complains that the statue of the girl violates his artistic rights, according to The Guardian.

For Arturo Di Modica, this is all an advertising trick that is violating his rights as an artistic creator. His accusation is not only for the statue but for the whole of New York City which, the artist claims, allowed the statue of the girl to be placed in front of his “bronze beast” without his permission. According to the Italian sculptor, the presence of the girl violates his copyright, because it changes the original creative dynamics of the statue.

The Great Bronze Bull of Wall Street faces the ‘Fearless Girl in New York. (Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

Arturo’s lawyer Norman Siegel said the Guardian would hold a news conference where he would explain exactly how he intended to challenge the municipal authorities who issued the warrant for the girl to stay until 2018 wherever she is. Norman will have explained to the newspaper that he will request the documents to verify the legal procedure used.

By Kristen Visbal, the “girl without fear” was put on Wall Street on March 7, the day before the commemoration of International Women’s Day, and was intended to show something very specific: there are few women on the boards of the U.S. The statue of the girl looks and stares, with fearless attitude, the great bull of Wall Street. The statue quickly became a tourist landmark, attracting immense visitors. In response to this event, Bill de Blasio, the mayor of the city, said that the statue would remain in the same place for another year.




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