A sense of movement and vibration


The PAD, a French atelier architects created a new facade to the headquarters of Beneteau, international builder of yachts. Located in Givrand, France, the building is wrapped in a perforated protective white facade, which prevents the inner energy losses.


The facade was made of a heat-resistant material called HI-MACS. The architects chose this material for its versatile properties that have created a wave pattern in the structure, which is the company logo.


The protective structure is coupled to metal posts involving the building and supporting the facade. By choosing a flexible material for the project, the architects were able to meet the company’s needs.


Thus, the facade serves three purposes: it keeps the interior building isolated from the higher temperatures in the warmer months, reduces the energy loss due to radiation and allows greater penetration of natural light in the space.


The wavy shape, created through the relief openings, still gives the project a sense of movement and vibration.



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