The remodeling of a house with 200 years

This house in wood and granite is 200 years old. On the outside it looks like a rustic building and probably not very comfortable inside, but do not be fooled by the facade. The Swiss architecture studio Buchner Bründler transformed the structure into a summer house with a minimalist and luminous interior.

The housing is located in Linescio, Switzerland, surrounded by the mountain. Although the original secular façade was preserved, the architects reorganized the interior to insert a monolithic-looking concrete facing that was layered layer through the roof.

The purpose of the refurbishment was to create a holiday home that preserved the original character of the stone structure. As such, the shape and shades of the untreated and exposed concrete emphasize the archaic aspect of the building.

Since the intention is to make the housing a holiday home was not installed heating system or additional insulation. However, the house was equipped with a fireplace on the ground floor. To maximize natural cooling, the house has sliding shutters that open to the south and west. The architects endowed the space with a small extension of wood where a kitchen and bathroom were inserted.


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