The winner of the presidential election even called for a boycott of the products of Cupertino’s technology

© Reuters
© Reuters

It was several occasions during his campaign in which Donald Trump referred to Apple, either to call for a boycott of its products or expressing an intention to force the company to manufacture their products in the country of origin. Now that he has been elected the next US president, what can Trump do to Apple?

As the Business Insider notes, Trump’s presidency could pave the way for tax reform, which could lead Apple to bring its ‘savings’ deposited outside the country to US soil. Currently, the US forces companies to pay 35% of their total wealth in taxes, a percentage that Trump wants to reduce to 10%.

What may not be to Apple’s liking is Donald Trump’s desire to transport the company’s factories from Asia to American soil in order to give employment to US citizens. Increased costs, transportation of components from Asia and an underdeveloped manufacturing area will be some of the challenges that Apple will have to address if this scenario is to be found.

Donald Trump may still bring back one of the year’s ‘hot topics’, forcing Apple to open a ‘back door’ in its operating systems. The iPhone case in San Bernardino is still fresh in the minds of all, with the FBI’s willingness to have a faster way of accessing information about US citizens not to have declined since the beginning of the year.

Also note that Apple CEO Tim Cook was a well-known supporter of Hillary Clinton during the campaign. Cook organized fundraising activities and even had meetings with Democratic candidate John Podesta’s campaign leader, a relationship that was discovered via e-mails posted on the internet.


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