Through this application you can listen to hours of uninterrupted music. If you like to choose the music for you, according to your style, you are well able to enjoy this app.

© Mubert


It is called Mubert and synthesizes automatically tunes hours, according to the taste and style of music each. It could be said that works like a radio, but without interruption by advertising or news blocks.

Explains the site The Next Web that Robert is basically a streaming service that uses algorithms to produce original electronic music in real time.

Although not a radio Mubert play music continuously for as long as the user wants, thanks to such a unique algorithm that is capable of generating melodies endless streams.

At this stage, Mubert produces six different music genres: ambient, trap, psytrance, chillstep, and liquidfunk deephouse. However, it is expected that in the future be added other styles.

If you want to experience this innovative application, you can do it here.


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