The Blu brand, which is responsible for the sale of unlocked models from ZTE and Huawei, is involved in the controversy. He claims that he was unaware of the existence of surveillance software.

© Blu
© Blu

It was found on the smartphones sold by Blu in North American surveillance software that sent every 72 hours information contained in smartphones for servers in China. Information could range from the device’s own data to text messages, call history, and contact list.

The smartphones in question are low-end from ZTE and Huawei and were sold as unlocked devices, with customers believing it to be a bargain. However, they were unaware of the existence of such Shanghai Adups Technology software used also to make updates.

The company reports that the software was only meant to aggregate information for later use for customer support, read in The Next Web.

About 120,000 devices sold in North America were affected by this software, with Blu confirming to The New York Times that the software was removed from the devices and aggregated data since its installation destroyed.



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