Responsible for deliveries guaranteed by the company work in “illegal shifts” and the breaks are practically seen as a ‘luxury’, due to the workload to which they are subject.

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It is not really new to say that Amazon’s employees are the hardest-working employees in their profession. Several complaints about the precarious conditions to which they are subject have already been made and now there is one more.

In addition to the number of hours worked per day, which often exceed established legal limits, The Independent claims that some of the employees, particularly those responsible for the physical delivery of orders, have even more difficult lives than the rest.

The British publication says that the drivers of the vans that distribute the orders are practically “forced to urinate and defecate in sacks” that they carry with them in the vehicles in order to save time. These workers, it should be noted, have a quota stipulated in 200 deliveries per day, which leads them, almost every day, to complete more than 11 hours of work.

However, the BBC does not deny the responsibility and the objectives that are imposed on these employees, but ensures that they are “duly rewarded” for the work they do.

This side of the story, however, is not subscribed by workers who, under the condition of anonymity, ensure that they take home a monetary reward per hour “less than the national minimum wage.”



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