design + bioplastic? The perfect blend



When a chair in our homes spoils not usually think of what your destiny will be, or processes recycling waiting for her.

Many of the chairs used today are filled with non-recyclable materials, such as foam pads to be the case, or plastic, which can not be recycled in its entirety.

Following the complete life cycle of such articles, the French designer Jean Louis Iratzoki created an entirely biodegradable chair made from bioplastic for producing Alki chairs.

Call Kuskoa Bi, the curvilinear chair appears many similarities with the classic Eames, one of the chairs designed to be mass produced.


Aiming comfort and style, Iratozoki and Alki chose to use bioplastic to the base so that the curves are shaped to accommodate the seat.

The bioplastic is an alternative to conventional plastics made from fossil fuels. Since the bioplastic can be injected, extruded and thermo formatted, it can also be recycled, or biodegraded.


The production emits far less greenhouse effect when compared with traditional plastic production. Only the chair legs are made in oak, produced in sustainably managed forests.





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