A sustainable mountain house

Set on a hill overlooking the Swiss Alps, Montebar Villa is a sustainable space designed by JM Architecture and takes advantage of the natural light in winter and the cold ventilation of the region in summer to make the stay of its guests climatically Enjoyable.

This prefabricated wooden house was assembled in a few days and designed according to local building codes. The dark tones of the ceiling were obligatory for the house to intrude into the landscape – the only exception being the loggia, which doubles during the winter.

According to Inhabitat, both the ceiling and the walls were built with thermally insulated wooden materials, guaranteeing the house high standards of quality in terms of energy.

The floor is equipped with technology that heats it, which are powered by an electric pump. On the other hand, all the lighting is LED.

The south fa├žade includes a living room. There is also a master bedroom, kitchen, two bathrooms, office, utility room and engine room. All on one floor. Upstairs you will find the children’s bedroom and a loft.



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