In Aleppo children still play while the war continues.


The fighting still continues in Aleppo, one of the cities buffeted by conflict in recent years, it has turned much of Syria in ruins. It was in that city that recently saw the Omran images, the five-year-old boy, bloodied and in shock, with all a short life still lived in war.

But in Aleppo there are also times when life is felt even among all the difficulties.


The Aleppo Media Centre, a group opposed to Bashar al-Assad regime that disseminates images and information, has now given us to know the curious images of boys swimming, fun in a pool ‘improvised’.

That pool open is actually a crater to the force of a bomb. In Aleppo and surrounding areas, still live about two million people, says the BBC.


This crater in particular, according to the Aleppo Media Centre, will have been opened by a bomb launched an attack from the forces of Bashar al-Assad.

“Whatever Assad has made in Aleppo, life is not over yet,” cites BBC image caption.




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