The death of Philando Castile has become a symbol of the deaths of young blacks at the hands of the American authorities. This Friday, the officer who killed him was acquitted.


Jeronimo Yanez, a US policeman who shot the young black Philando Castile a year ago while the young man’s girlfriend transmitted the momentum via Facebook, was Friday acquitted of the murder, according to the North Press -American.

The death of Philando Castile, a 32-year-old man who worked as an employee at a children’s canteen, became a symbol of the deaths of young blacks in the United States by police as the second black man to be killed by the authorities in a week.

As was possible through the video, Philando was driving his car with his girlfriend next door and his daughter in the back seat when the police stopped the vehicle. The couple was approached by an agent who screams into the car. It is at the moment that Philando prepares to go to pocket get the documents that are fired four shots.

In the video, the girl is heard shouting desperately: “Please, sir, do not tell me you just did this to her. He gave him four shots. He was taking the papers! ”

The man had told police that he was in possession of a gun, which, according to his girlfriend, was properly legalized. The agent thought Philando was trying to get the gun and fired.

The family of Philando Castile did not like the decision of the court to acquit the agent. Quoted by the New York Times, Philando’s mother said, “My son loved this city and this city killed my son. And a killer escapes. Are you kidding me? The system in this country continues to fail for blacks and will continue to fail. “


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