It’s already a tradition. Every year, the John Lewis brand cultivates the holiday spirit. Get to know this year’s campaign

The long awaited John Lewis warehouse campaign has already been released. It’s called ‘Buster the Boxer,’ (Buster the Boxer) and more than publicity is a little Christmas tale.

‘Buster the Boxer’ was imagined by the adam & eveDDB agency, performed by Dougal Wilson and has the special participation of the British band Vaults.

The brand has also created stuffed animals for the ad and other items whose sale is partly in favor of the Wildlife Trust.

Every year the John Lewis brand creates a creative and, above all, emotional Christmas ad.

The announcements of John Lewis are so awaited that this year the public was deceived by an 18 year old.

The British student in advance created a Christmas ad for John Lewis so good that everyone thought it was the real one. The feat earned him a job offer from an advertising agency.


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