With roots firmly in Greece is the one that is believed to be the oldest tree in Europe. Adonis, this pine is about 1075 years old and has gone through more adventures than any other European tree.


Live for centuries and centuries in the warm lands of Greece, this tree is an extraordinary case, because although it has the fantastic ability to self-clone, this pine never did, keeping the original structure.

There are records of several trees that technically have lived more than 10,000 years, but with a small difference: the individual plants are not the originals.

But how is this possible? The trees are able to reproduce asexually, producing “clones” that are able to live for hundreds and hundreds of years, but technically are no longer the original plant.

Adonis, this pine with longevity well above average, which is why a rare case, even more so if we bear in mind that lives a few kilometers from a city.

Specialists in dendrochronology, the scientific method that tries to establish the age of a tree in the ring patterns on its trunk, analyzed the Adonis pine and due to its huge thick, could not get to the heart of the tree.

Thus, it is quite possible that this huge tree has actually more than 1075 years.

In the words of Paul.J.Krusic, University of Stockholm, the Phys.org well realize how much does this discovery: “I am impressed with the whole human history that surrounds this tree; all empires, the Byzantine, Ottoman, and all people living in this region.

So many things that could have led to an end. Fortunately, this forest has been largely untouched for over a thousand years. “


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