At least 12 people were burned after a “corrosive substance” was thrown over the crowd dancing in a nightclub in East London.


An acid attack in London left at least 12 people with burns. According to British media, an “unknown corrosive substance” was thrown over the crowd who was dancing at a nightclub this evening, the eve of a bank holiday.

The nightclub in question, called Mangle, is in a basement. About 600 people on the scene fled the scene when a security alarm was activated, which happened near one in the morning. The place was evacuated in minutes.

Witnesses who spoke to the Evening Standard explained how, outside, groups of people poured water bottles over others that had been hit. A woman had visible burns on her arm and face.

Paramedics and firefighters rushed to the scene and, after analyzing the liquid on people’s floors and clothing, confirmed that a “highly acidic substance” had been used.

There were no arrests and no explanation was given for the incident.

In a case that may be unrelated Saturday afternoon in another part of London (Islington), someone poured acidic liquid onto a couple and a two-year-old. The father, above all, had severe burns.


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